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Onderwerp: Curious detectorist from Sweden

Curious detectorist from Sweden 07 feb 2018 13:06 #8445

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Hi! I'm Andreas and I'm a metal detectorist from Sweden. I'm also a member of SMF (Sveriges Metallsökar Förening) the Swedish Metal Detecting Organisation. I read about your club on the ECMD homepage and got curious. I have been to Belgium and Flanders many times but not for metal detecting, yet :) With the very harsh laws in Sweden and the new fee of €70 just to APPLY for a permission that you for 90% wont get, I have begun to look around for other countries to visit to practice my hobby. I have read somewhere that you can get a permit to search in Flanders region but I haven't found anywhere how to do so. Can you please help me with this matter? Where do I apply to get a permit? I also think it would be fun to come and visit your club and meet some new detectorists! Maybe I can join you at one of your club rallys or similar? If I need to be a member to take part of such event then I will apply to be a member of your club as well! If it is possible for foreigners to be a member of your club? Oh, well, that's enough with questions for today :) Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Andreas Blomqvist, Swedish detectorist
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Curious detectorist from Sweden 13 feb 2018 11:44 #8461

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Check Private message, Andreas.
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